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Permanent Hire Solutions

Through our curated interview processes, which have been designed and developed over the decades, our team in permanent staffing would assist in identifying suitable talent, providing value, and boosting productivity at every stage of the employment lifecycle. From Design Engineers and Data Scientists to Senior Project Managers, we provide talent with a quick turnaround to meet business needs.​

Recruitment, Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing, SAP Consulting

Contract Staffing Solutions

Contract staffing provides flexibility, optimizes costs, and enhances the process of talent acquisition in challenging and unpredictable business environments. Companies can scale up or scale down their contract staffing investments in real-time as business opportunities and demands evolve. In the ever-changing world of technology we offer our clients the Contract Staffing expertise and flexibility they require to meet their short and long-term hiring goals. 

Recruitment, Permanent Staffing, Contract Staffing,

Contract to Hire Solutions

Our Contract-to-Hire solutions enable our clients to fill a full-time position after an on-the-job performance evaluation. It is a temporary staffing option in which a candidate is hired with the intention of later absorbing them into a permanent position. During the initial engagement term, our customers have the opportunity to assess the candidate's core skill level, emotional intelligence, and leadership capabilities before making a permanent commitment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Navigating the sea of recruitment firms promising a "no win, no fee" approach may be a thankless task. As a one-stop solution provider, our decade of experience enables our clients to outsource the entire end-to-end recruitment process across multiple technologies. We have joined the ranks of these highly sought-after firms, facilitating Client organizations' access to in-demand prospects in the most organized and non-interfering manner possible.

SAP Consulting

SAP Consulting

Today's world of Bre Exits, Pandemic, Russia - Ukraine War, Inflation, and Interest Rate Increase has provided complex challenges to Companies operating across multiple Geographies. SAP offers a broad solution portfolio on S/4 Hana,  which generates early warning insights into changing business environments and helps companies to predict and respond to shocks. Algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are bringing a paradigm shift  in  business process.

Payroll Processing

Payroll Processing

Companies make deliberate decisions to outsource Payroll process in order to save money and increase shareholder value. As a Payroll Services Provider (PSP), we use payroll services best practices to assist our clients in meeting and exceeding business objectives while providing end-to-end payroll services in a timely manner. Companies choose us as their first point of contact for the establishment of their business, allowing them to avoid the various administrative processes that are required to get started. 

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